Stepping Out


Pura Vida Mae!

Pura Vida Mae!

Welcome to the Laws Girls “Stepping Out” Blog. Family and Friends can drop by to read, see and hear what we’re up to.  Post questions and comment, we’ll get back to you. Our Blog is intended to keep us closer over the miles and days.  Wishing you all the very best, Simone, Phoebe, and Vera Laws.


18 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to follow your adventure. We are honored!

  2. Hi girls. We miss you already. Tell us the first thing you eat in KL???

  3. We are so excited to follow your adventure girls! Looking forward to reading your reading your first post!!! Xoxoxoxoxoxo
    Lots of love from Eugene

  4. We miss you already but can’t wait to follow and read all about your exciting adventures. Post often!

  5. Happy 4th of July, but for you,of course it is July5! Hope you did something fun. We are going to Art in the Vineyard and then having a dinner here witih Paul and Jane. Nicoise Salad and watermelon , feta, mint salad as it is still hot here.
    I went with Nancy to another Bach music concert and lecture. Vera, the cello players reminded me of you, of course.
    The little GErman girls came to play yesterday. We colored and read stories as It was too hot outside.

    Have you seen your house yet? I am so anxious to hear about it. I loo at Yogurt Extreme and think about you girls, but DONT go in.
    Maybe when I see you I will be skinny!!!I love and miss you.

  6. Love you guys! Miss you:-)

  7. This is so cool! I’m in. I may even add you to my website RESOURCES page so both of my non-family viewers get to see rambuttans, etc.

  8. Hi ladies. This is so much fun joining your blog. Now I can hear of all your adventures. I just love the photo of; you in the pretty painted cart. It sounds like you are having the best time ever.
    Please keep writing and sending photos . It makes you feel closer.


  9. Laws family: I love your site! Please keep posting!
    I’ll have to keep this site hidden from my kids or they’ll begin begging me to find some kind of overseas working assignment. But maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad thing…

    I look forward to your next post!

  10. Love hearing about all adventures of the Golden Girls of The Monkey Palace.

  11. LOVED reading this! I am not surprised the US is in your rear view mirror. Have TONS of questions, mainly how the hell did you get there. I suspect, however, they will be answered along the way. Be well outLAWS…XO Samira

  12. Hey hey laws, we are at Martha’s Vineyard reminiscing how much fun we had having you all here.
    Missing you!

  13. Hi, OutLAWS, Loved all of your top tens! Can’t wait to see those you all like in Malaysia. Chad, pictures are fab. Like your writing, particularly the one about your true hiking buddy! See you all in October, about six weeks. Love to you all, Geepa

  14. You guys should do a weekly or daily blog about your school life, after school activities, new friends, places, restaurants, etc. Keep posting!!

  15. Happy Birthday Vera on Monday the 2nd. I wish we could be there but we are sending you a hug and lots of love! Stuff is in the mail, but take pictures with the camera we gave you early for your birthday and post them so we can all share in your big day. Also, Heidi and Chad, Happy Anniversary on Friday the 6th of Sept. Enjoy the dinner we sent you! Happy days this week. We love you all. Love Mom and Dad Pf–aka: Grandma and G-Daddy XOXOXOXOX

  16. Top 10s were awesome. Here are my top 10 reasons to love the outlaws: 10) So fun 9) beautiful smiles 8) All that blonde hair (well, maybe for 80% of them) 7) Sense of humor 6) Always up for an adventure 5) Smart smart smart 4) Duck fans 3) So accepting of others 2) So loving #1) THE BEST FRIENDS WE COULD EVER HAVE! Miss you all so much!!!

    • Jennifer Bader – You are such a class act! Many lovely thanks for your kind words. We love and miss you all tons – and can’t wait to host the Bader Clan here in KL!

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